Irwinton & Middle Georgia

things to do in milledgeville ga

Things to Do

Tour Andalusia Farm - Home of the esteemed writer, Flannery O'Connor, Andalusia offers a unique look at Flannery O'Connor's life. Tours are self-guided after a short introduction by the staff. Admission is free, but donations are recommended. The home is open from 10:00-5:00 on Thursday-Sunday for self-guided tours. For large groups, guided tours can be arranged if you call in advance. We recommend going by car; it's only a 24 mile drive, but you have to travel through very busy parts of the city. Click here for directions.

Visit the Old Governor's Mansion - Completed in 1839, Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion is one of the finest examples of High Greek Revival architecture in the nation. The Mansion's history encompasses the antebellum, Civil War, and early Reconstruction phases of the state's history. During the Civil War, the Mansion was claimed as a "prize" in the "March to the Sea," when General William T. Sherman headquartered in the building on November 23, 1864. Tours are available Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00-4:00 and Sunday from 2:00-4:00. Admission is $10 per person. Click here for directions.

• Milledgeville Bike Club - The local bike club organizes rides and events. Find them on Facebook or visit their website to see what they've got planned.

Places to See

Oconee River Greenway - With miles of trails for walking and riding and a slow-flowing river to take the edge off the heat, the Oconee River Greenway's beautiful views and closeness to nature offer the perfect afternoon for solo rides, couples and families. We suggest a morning ride and a picnic lunch at one of the many picnic tables by the river. The Oconee River Greenway is located just 20 miles North of the Goose up Highway 441... but if you're riding your bicycle, we'd suggest taking Highway 112 (less traffic and better views, but ten extra miles). Click here for directions on 112. Click here for directions on 441.

Lockerly Arboretum - Lockerly Arboretum has served Milledgeville for over 50 years as a public garden. Here, you'll find plenty of trails over the 50 acres of blooming gardens, as well as Rose Hill, the mansion built in 1839 and named for the large number of Cherokee Roses that grow around the site. Open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 and Saturday 9:00-1:00 for walking the trails, eating picnic lunches, watch birds and wildlife and explore the mansion. Click here for directions on 112Click here for directions on 441.

Food to Eat

The Brick - Milledgeville's home of the best calzones and stuffed sticks! With a fun atmosphere and a nightlife hotspot, The Brick is one of our favorite choices. If you catch them on the right night, you may hear some live music or see Mark the Magic Man. The Brick is located in the heart of downtown and has a menu of pastas, salads, pizzas, wings and almost anything else. We suggest dinner here with stuffed sticks or their legendary caramel-covered sweet potato fries. Click here for directions, and drink some tea for that watering mouth you now undoubtedly have. The Brick is open 11:00-10:00 every day except Sunday 12:00-10:00.

Buffington's - A bar and grill type setting with live music most nights of the week. Buff's is a Milledgeville favorite in the middle of the downtown scene. Students from the local college can be found unwinding here on the weekends. Their burgers are among the most popular in Middle Georgia, so you've got to check them out. Click here for directions.

Kuroshima - As far as Japanese cuisine goes, Kuroshima is number one. The house soup is undeniably delicious. They have a full sushi menu and phenomenal rice. We love this place for lunch and dinner. The lunch crowd is smaller, but dinner is livelier. Don't miss out on the California rolls! Kuroshima is open 11:00-9:30 Monday-Thursday and 11:00-10:00 on Friday and Saturday. Click here for directions.

• The Local Yolkal - No doubt the best place for breakfast. Located across from Buffington's downtown, The Local Yolkal Cafe has the best pancakes and wonderful lunches and dinners as well. Click here for directions.

*BONUS* Coffee Shop - Blackbird Coffee - Blackbird Coffee is a staple for Milledgeville residents and visitors. Home to some of the best coffee full of so much soul, yours may just fly away like a blackbird. Enjoy ice cream, coffee, live music and art galleries on occasion from the locals. We can't get enough of the loose atmosphere and relaxing ambience. The go-to spot for Milledgeville, no trip is complete without it. Click here for directions.