Things to Do

Attend the International Cherry Blossom Festival - Every Spring, thousands of people travel to Macon, Georgia for the annual International Cherry Blossom festival, ten days of rides, concerts, fun and more. Every March, Macon's 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees hit full bloom, encompassing Macon in a pink fluffy cloud of cherry blossoms. The sight is one you can't miss, so mark your calendars for the 2017 International Cherry Blossom Festival March 24-April 2. Click here for directions.

Visit Lake Tobesofkee - Macon's biggest lake is in north Macon and has a 35 mile shoreline and covers nearly 1800 acres. Three different parks offer white sand beaches and camping with RV hookups, bath houses and laundry facilities. The lake allows boating and fishing (with appropriate permits) and is also home to a water park that is open during the summer. The parks are open from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily. Click here for directions.

• Visit the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences - The Museum of Arts and Sciences is a popular stop in Macon. It features a 40 million year-old whale skeleton, a planetarium and a gyrosphere attraction for people of all ages. The museum has rotating exhibitions throughout the year. We recommend the "Sky over Macon" exhibit on the third Friday of every month. Check the website for times and dates, as they change with the seasons. Click here for directions.

Places to See

Ocmulgee National Monument - Indian Mounds - One of Macon's most popular attractions, the Ocmulgee National Monument holds six miles of hiking trails along the river, picnic tables and an onsite museum. The Indian Mounds were built by American Indians thousands of years ago for the elite of their culture, and many remain standing today. Explore the park from 9-5 daily, and admission is free. Go in March for Lantern Light Tours of the mounds and trails. Click here for directions.

Amerson River Park - Newly re-opened after renovations, Amerson River Park is one of the most beautiful of the Ocmulgee River parks. The park has a handicap-accessible playground, three and a half miles of paved trails and several pavillions, picnic tables and rest areas. Bring your tubes for a float down the river getting in and out at one of the many river access points. Admission is free. Click here for directions.

The Big House Museum - The Allman Brother's Band Museum is located on Vineville Avenue in the heart of Macon. The Macon home of members of the band, their groupies, friends and family was rented by the band in 1970. The house was converted into a museum after the Allman Brothers went back on the road and remains in operation to this day. The museum is open daily form 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and tickets are $10. Click here for directions.

Hay House - The Johnson-Felton-Hay House in Macon was declared a historic landmark in 1974. It was built from 1855-1859 in the Italian Revival Style and stands as a beacon next to the Mercer Law School in downtown Macon. Tours are available from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and tickets are $11. Click here for directions.

Food to Eat

Ingleside Village Pizza - This is the best pizza available in Middle Georgia. Hand-tossed, New York style pizza is accompanied by a range of beers and salads. Carryout is available, but we'd suggest dining in because the atmosphere and decor is astounding, and so is the pizza. Don't skip the garlic breadsticks, and be ready to spend some time picking out what beer to order; the beer list is extensive and fabulous. Click here for directions.

The Rookery - A favorite of Maconites and Mercer students, the Rookery is situated downtown on Cherry Street. Their "famous" menu includes every soul food from an "Allman Burger" to a "Jimmy Carter Shake." The onion rings and hand-cut fries are perfect and the bar is always bustling. Lunch here is a must. Click here for directions.

Jim Shaw's Seafood Grill - Jim Shaw's has a loyal following in the community. While there is a Red Lobster in town and a few other seafood restaurants, no one beats Jim Shaw's. Whether you're after shrimp, crab, lobster or grouper, Jim Shaw has got you covered. You can also get more adventurous flavors, like blackened alligator and frog legs. Plus, they've got chicken tenders and wings for the seafood-sensitive. Click here for directions.

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